During the first half of the Nineteenth Century, our building was known as “The Free Church” because it was used by all the different Christian groups in Middleburg. The Middleburg Baptist Church eventually became the sole owners, custodians and users of this property. Today, although the pulpit platform has been lowered and a choir loft and new baptistry added, this church looks very much as it did when worshippers gathered here over one hundred and sixty-five years ago. Some of the hand-hewn pews are still in the balcony, much of the original glass remains in the windows and two inner side doors retain the iron hardware of the period. The building is constructed of locally fired brick and sits on a lovely hill surrounded by cemeteries on three sides with a stone wall and a parking lot in the front. In 1959, an educational wing was added to enhance the congregation’s ministry of Christian education.

Middleburg Baptist Church was founded 27 April 1847. Presently we have 227 listed on our membership roll. We operate under the guidance of a Constitution and ByLaws. We are served by a Board of Deacons which includes male and female. We currently have a relationship with Northstar Church Network, the Baptist General Association of Virginia, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist World Alliance. In this present year of our Lord, we remain at 209 East Federal Street, Middleburg, Virginia, thankful for our rich heritage as we fashion a ministry to speak to the needs of people today.